Hey! I'm فيصل (Faisal)

I'm pursuing socio-technical innovation, and hope to help utilize tech to impact communities.

The technical has mainly been focused on Analytics and Data Science, though I like to try to keep up with other tool methods in tech. Some of my experience comes from the Polling and Open Data Initative, where I served as the Director of Partner Development, and later Director of Technology.

Some more about me

Beyond my professional pursuits, I really love playing around with microcontrollers and 3D printing, and hope to open a makerspace one day. I started learning greek in hopes to read the original works of thinkers from the Hellinistic age. I got into data science through Daryl Morey and his innovation in basketball through data, and really love analytics-driven basketball. I also like ..basketball.

Some more about you

That's all me now, please do reach out to hey@faisaltf.io if there are any areas of overlap or if you feel like connecting!!

Here's a sample from my latest work

Some open projects that I've worked on

(some projects at PODUW are in the publishing process)


Parks Design for Diverse and Resilient Communities.

A study in collaboration with The Washington State Parks Foundation that paid BIPOC volunteers to visit a state parks and reflect on how parks can better serve under-represented communities.


Reflecting on Remote Learning for UW's Board of Regents.

With hybrid options proposed as education returned to campus after the COVID Pandemic, PODUW's report about the student experience through remote learning was discussed by UW's Board of Regents.


Consulting on Alternative k-12 Education Opportunities.

Supporting Big Picture Learning's ImBlaze program through working with a team led by their Director of Technology. We analyzed different extensions of the student journey through statistical and NLP methods.


Hiking Traffic Trends and Demographic Factors.

An interactive storytelling platform in collaboration with the Outdoor Recreation and Data lab, supporting land managers' expectation of traffic, as well as trail users navigating Washington's trails.


CSE Student Internship and Career Plans at UW.

A collaboration between PODUW and the Association for Computing Machinery reflecting on Computer Science students through the internship application and interview processes in the tech industry.


Voicing Student Opinions on UW's Diversity Credit.

A report for UW's student government body, ASUW, preceeding a potential change by the unversity for the Diversity credit requirement for graduation.


Career Plans for iSchool Students.

With the help of UW's iSchool, PODUW surveyed students on their selected degree tracks and career expectations, and published a report along with a series of interactive visuals.


Forecasting Blood Donations at MedTourEasy.

A machine learning approach to predicting blood donations based on donors' histories and tendancies. TPOT's classifier was used to optimize parameters and a Logistic Regression model was implemented.



Employer-Student Engagement Dashboards at CFA

A series of dashboards for admin assessment at Computing For All, an education nonprofit, reviewing activity between students and partner employers. The dashboards were also used for grand and donor reporting.


Green Seattle's Ecological Restoration Program

A series of dashboards showcasing progress at the City of Seattle's Green Seattle Partnership, which set up volunteer programs around city parks. Dashboards detailing species, locations, and quantities were set up.


NCAA Basketball Seasonal Review

Dynamic dashboards that review a given season of college-level basketball using official NCAA regular season and playoff data.



Sympathy for the Devil - Website

A website for the course Sympathy for the Devil Phil-301 at UW, a course that tackles sympathy and its rhetorical uses. The website also showcases published student projects from Winter 2022


Racial Disparity Through Effects of the COVID Pandemic

Our 3-person team's submission to Vizathon, a hackathon by the Coronavirus visualization team at Harvard. We analyzed recorded cases and deaths between ethnicities crossed with more socioeconomic data to showcase disparities.


Deepfake Cybercrime - My Horrendous Attempt

A storytelling article publishing a project where I testeed deepfake use cases for cybercrime. I trained a deepfake model and used fake videos of myself asking friends for login credentials.



A slack bot that automated some of the organizational work at PODUW. PODUW Bot was also tasked with the very important mission of robotically announcing events and updates. The satire had mixed recepit..


Beat the Blaze Hackathon Submission

Our team's submission at a hackathon set up by the Department of Defense's National Security Innovation Network. We designed a Raspberry Pi based communication system to maximize bandwidth during natural disasters.


Sympathy for the Devil - Submission

Another project for UW's Sympathy for the Devil course, this one from the previous year when I took the course, where I desigend an interactive story platform for our group project.


I Also Provide Indepdendent Consulting!

(Most of my work has been with NGOs and startups, but I'm happy to work with other sectors if there's overlap!)


Dashboard Design and Development

Understand what data is useful for your administrators and stakeholders to review, and equip them with an effecient preview of important KPIs and other measures of what's happening across your organization.


Data Analytics

Extract actionable insights from data through quantitative analysis, costumer segmentation, statsitcal and machine learning methods. Cross-reference your data within and with public data to uncover trends.


Data Scraping

Enable your organization through access to online and third party data. Utilize information from social media, reviews, directories, and other sources. Statically or with automation services to dynamically update data.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Utilize latest methods in machine learning to extract and quantify insights from open ended qualitative and text data. Applicable for survey results, social media data, writing submissions, and more.


Storymap Design and Development

Analyze geospatial data within your organization, and cross-reference it with census and public data. Uncover geographical trends, and/or build interactive map narratives with live data.


Business Process Automation

Boost your organization's workflow through automating technical logistics and business processes. Automate forms, notifications, reminders, replies, bots, schedule tasks, and more.


Interested in further exploring any of my services? Let's connect!

Feel free to reach out to hey@faisaltf.io with brief information about your organization and we'll find a time to chat.